Ruth Tillman Designs

Ruth Tillman Designs

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Family Cosplay

I've recently become passionate about Cosplay.  In particular Family Cosplay.  The kids and I joined my boyfriend and his family this year at Wondercon for the first time.  I made costumes for everyone, accept my "cool" kid Ethan.  We had so much fun that even Ethan wants to join in now!

I'm inspired to make a group cosplay for all 8 of us.  I decided on the Alice in Wonderland Theme.  I went to Tim Burton, of course, as a start but twisted it up a bit.

I drew some concepts and am now executing the costumes.  The first was finished for my oldest, Tristan, just in time for Fanime.  He made an amazing Mad Hatter!

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