Ruth Tillman Designs

Ruth Tillman Designs

Monday, September 28, 2015

East Bay Mini Maker Faire YARN BOMB!!

I'm thrilled to be working with this years East Bay Mini Maker Faire to create a Yarn Bomb installation.   Sunday October 18 at Park Day School......360 42nd Street in Oakland.

This installation will be started by me and a local Machine Knitting Guild.  We will be asking you, the public, to help us finish it!  We will have knitting machines, hooks for crocheting, knitting needles and knitting looms for you to try out.

If you are interested in pre make some pieces to bring to the EB Mini Maker Faire or donating yarn or tools please send me a shout out at

I will be posting the progress of our installation on my social media sites so please follow me:


We have a few places picked out for our Yarn Bomb!  I have pictured them below.

Red Benches!

 Light Pole

 Cross Stitch Fence Art

Sycamore Tree!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Laurel Hill Exotic Crochet Hooks

I'm so excited to be working with Laurel Hill. They make my favorite crochet hooks.

Hooks I can't do without!

They are made from scrap pieces of exotic wood. They are highly polished and super smooth. Laurel Hill worked hard at making a hook that is shaped correctly for quick and easy crocheting. The flat part on the handle fits your fingers perfectly and makes using these hooks easy on the hands and wrist.

 Please check out my shop on etsy to purchase these hooks!

Ruth Tillman Designs

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Alice in the Works

My Alice dress has finally started coming together. I had to change the skirt from the original pattern but the first layer came out great. 

Family Cosplay

I've recently become passionate about Cosplay.  In particular Family Cosplay.  The kids and I joined my boyfriend and his family this year at Wondercon for the first time.  I made costumes for everyone, accept my "cool" kid Ethan.  We had so much fun that even Ethan wants to join in now!

I'm inspired to make a group cosplay for all 8 of us.  I decided on the Alice in Wonderland Theme.  I went to Tim Burton, of course, as a start but twisted it up a bit.

I drew some concepts and am now executing the costumes.  The first was finished for my oldest, Tristan, just in time for Fanime.  He made an amazing Mad Hatter!